• Traditional insulation material

    Clothing in order to make people feel comfortable in clothing, medium fiber properties, beauty specifications, gray fabric structure will have an impact.

  • Technology insulation material

    People's 1/3 life is in a state of sleep. Whether the body can get enough rest during sleep determines the health course of the body.

  • Field sleeping bag

    Sleeping bags have high requirements for internal and external materials. Lining materials usually require more than 200T.

  • Snowshoe boots

    Boots are generally soft and elastic, which can enhance elasticity while others can prevent ankle injuries.

  • Snow glove

    Gloves are made into sewing, knitting and dipping according to the method of manufacture. They are tailored to various kinds of leather, rubber, knitted fabrics or woven fabrics.

  • Appendage class

    In order to prevent the cold, people put on thick winter clothes and warm shoes.


Tung Shing Non-Woven Fabric Ind. Ltd was founded in 1989, we have many years of professional experience in manufacturing insulation materials, specialized in Thermal Insulation, Quilting, Needle Punch, Fiber Ball and Down Like, etc. We provide environmentally friendly, comfortable, young and fashionable high-end insulation materials, mainly used in clothing, bedding sleeping bags, shoes, gloves and so on. Until now, our insulation materials are constantly pursuing high insulation performance, washing resistance, comfort and so on, in order to achieve the warmth and experience of down, and more environmentally friendly.

We have joined ISO9001 system. Our producing department locates in a over 20000square meters site, including bonded padding,quilting padding and needle punching workshop as well as production,technology, quality control, device maintaining, purchasing and marketing departments.

Our products are widely used and proved not to be harmful to human being with inspection by the authority in Swiss. The component of harmful substance is under the level of international demand.
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